Wimbledon High School


Wimbledon High School

Academically excellent, Wimbledon High School has, for many years, been regarded as a place for extremely bright girls. The head, Ms Hanbury has introduced a new curriculum with a two-week timetable that includes ‘enrichment’ afternoons and out-of-class activities like global economy, journalism, dissection, Italian and ballroom dancing.

Wimbledon High School also gained extremely positive press when Ms Hanbury introduced a ‘failure week’ in 2013, to teach the usually high flying girls what it was like to lose. “For high-achieving girls especially, for whom fear of failure can be crippling, this is vitally important”.

Founded: 1880

Ages: 3 - 18

Gender: Girls

Denomination: Non denominational

Fees: £5,008

No. of pupils: 900

Class size: 22

Oxbridge: 12%

Higher Eduction: 100%

Alumnae: Dame Margaret Rutherford,
Professor Baroness Finlay,
journalists Afua Hirsch and Rosie Millard,
actress Amara Khan


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