St Helen and St Katharine


St Helen and St Katharine

It’s built for purpose and doing what a school should do – brilliantly. So brilliantly, in fact, that the consistently high results (92 per cent A*-B at A-level, for instance) have caused questions to be asked. How do they do it? No hothousing, they insist, but sheer hard work. And the girls are certainly confident and happy and take pride in being able to cope with the pressure. But revere away, we say, because it is not just academically that they excel – pupils are on county and national teams in badminton, equestrian, gymnastics, lacrosse, netball, rounders, swimming and tennis. In music, the chamber groups have reached the semi-finals or final of the Pro Corda¬†competition in every year it has been held.

Founded: 1903

Ages: 9 - 18

Gender: Girls

Denomination: Church of England

Fees: £4,340

No. of pupils: 692

Class size: 24

Oxbridge: 15%

Higher Eduction: 100%

Alumnae: Samantha Cameron,
journalists Emily Sheffield and Alice Thomson


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