Latymer Upper School


Latymer Upper School

Academia, music, sport, drama – whatever your passion, it is nourished here at Latymer Upper School. Starting with academics, last year 100% of students went onto further education and, of that, a spectacular (and a record!) 30 students were offered places at Oxbridge. These impressive statistics come partly from their healthy scholarship fund meaning that entrance to the school is not solely dependent on financial background but on talent, passion and potential.

The esteemed alumni include a diverse group of people including Heston Blumenthal, Alan Rickman, Lily Cole and Hugh Grant and, of those, Cole and Grant both support the school’s bursary programme. Sport, drama and philanthropy are also key to the running of Latymer with activities that include travelling to African counties to complete important charity work.

Founded: 1895

Ages: 11 - 18

Gender: Mixed

Denomination: Non denominational

Fees: £5,770

No. of pupils: 1,339

Class size: 24

Oxbridge: 17%

Higher Eduction: 100%

Alumnae: Heston Blumenthal,
Hugh Grant,
Lily Cole,
Alan Rickman


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