Heathfield School


Heathfield School

The aim of Heathfeld is to prepare their girls for the world ahead, from academia to morals and spiritual values. Through careful pastoral care, they are taught to be self-reliant, independent and adaptable- all skills they will need when they leave at 18. Although currently only taking all full-time boarding, excitingly from September 2015 day girls (to be known as ‘day boarders) will be taken by Heathfield School, the first time since the 1940s!

Though the school is small and family-like – their aspirations are not. Practices such as Science Week and top quality sports and drama facilities mean that the girls are continually upping their game. Set in 35 acres of stunning land, Heathfeld represents a fantastic place for your child to grow and discover themselves.

Founded: 1899

Ages: 11 - 18

Gender: Girls

Denomination: Church of England

Boarding Fees: £10,437

No. of pupils: 200

Class size: 19

Oxbridge: Occasional%

Higher Eduction: 100%

Alumnae: Princess Alexandra,
Tamara Mellon,
Sienna Miller,
Amber Le Bon,
Susannah Constantine


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