Dean Close School


Dean Close School

Creativity and the arts is where this Cheltenham school really thrives. Despite its reputation as more extra-curricular and less academic than other schools in the area, results are still impressive with 72% achieving A*-B at A Levels last year and 7 students going onto study at Oxbridge.

Drama is a very hot topic at Dean Close, with a multitude of opportunities available to the student s- just take their annual performance at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival which delights and sells out audiences. On the playing field, the school excels and what’s more, Dean House encourages a competitive spirit, entering many national competitions across the board from hockey to mandarin.

Founded: 1886

Ages: 13 - 18

Gender: Mixed

Denomination: Church of England

Fees: £7,360

Boarding Fees: £10,680

No. of pupils: 900

Alumnae: Francis Berry,
Peter Browne,
Ernest Cossart,
Basil Dale,
William Dimoline,
Robert Evans,
James Flecker


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